Speedbump™ Hands Free Patient Positioning Device

Speedbump™ provides an efficient and modern solution for patient positioning putting the surgeon in complete control. A touch of the foot pedal allows the surgeon to effortlessly move the limb in any flexion angle desired at any time; before, during or after the procedure – totally “Hands Free” reducing surgeon fatigue. It sits beneath the surgical drapes requiring zero sterilization and autoclaving. Tourniquet time and operating room turnover are reduced – saving time and money. Speedbump™ is the only mechanically operated patient positioning system available today.

Orthopedic Surgeons use Speedbump™ for the following procedures:

Total Joint Procedures
Total Knee Replacements
Total Knee Revisions
Partial Knee Revisions
Manipulation under anesthesia
Tibial Plateau Fractures

Sports Medicine Procedures
ACL Repair
Knee Arthroscopy
OATS Procedure
Quad Tendon Repair

Key Benefits

-Lower Tourniquet Time

-Fast Operating Room Turnover

-Reduces Staff Fatigue

-Increases Surgeon Efficiency

-No Corrosion Issues – sits beneath the surgical drapes

 “It’s like having another set of hands in the OR”

Cleveland Clinic

“Speedbump™ knocks off significant time in-between cases”

Ortho Carolina